10 Best Things To Do in Seattle – Travel Guide

Seattle is an exciting and vibrant city with plenty to see and do. Whether you’re visiting for a day, a weekend, or longer, there are 10 must-do activities that will guarantee your time in this Emerald City is as memorable as possible.

From catching breathtaking views at the Space Needle to trying craft beer at The Pike Place Market, here are 10 of the best things to do in Seattle.

1. Visit the Space Needle
Space Needle - Seattle Travel Guide

This iconic structure is a must-see for any visitor to Seattle. Take advantage of 360-degree views from 520 feet above the ground and admire some of the city’s landmarks and mountains beyond.

This iconic structure offers spectacular views of the city from its 520ft vantage point. To get the best experience, you should take the elevator to the observation deck right before sunset and watch as nightfall hits Seattle with all its beauty.

On clear days, you can even see Mt. Rainier in the distance! The facilities also offer an interactive exhibition to learn more about Seattle’s history and culture. Make sure not to miss out on this incredible experience.


2. Pike Place Market
Pike Place Market - Seattle Travel Guide

Enjoy local produce, flowers, crafts, seafood, and treats at this bustling marketplace in downtown Seattle. Be sure to try some freshly shucked oysters or catch a live fish as a souvenir.

Pike Place Market is an iconic landmark in Seattle. It’s the oldest continuously operating public market in the United States, and there are over 10 million visitors annually. With its bustling atmosphere and delicious food stalls, it’s definitely a must-visit while you’re in Emerald City.

Besides being able to buy fresh produce and seafood from vendors, there are many other fun things to do here as well. You can explore the lower levels of the market for unique souvenirs; watch street performers doing acrobatics; wander around the shops that offer antiques, art galleries, and vintage items; or take a break with a cup of coffee or tea at one of its cozy cafes.

Be sure to check out Rachel the Piggy Bank too – it’s been a popular tourist attraction since its introduction in 1961. No trip to Seattle would be complete without a visit to this incredible market.

3. Explore Discovery Park

With over 534 acres, this urban oasis serves as one of the largest public parks in Seattle. Bring along your binoculars for bird watching or take a leisurely stroll on one of the 10+ miles of walking trails.

Discovery Park is the largest park in Seattle and offers an incredible variety of activities. Visitors can explore over five miles of trails, take a stroll on the two-mile Loop Trail or watch the sunset from West Point Lighthouse.

The historic Fort Lawton, located within Discovery Park’s boundaries, provides an interesting glimpse into Seattle’s past. A visit to this park would be incomplete without exploring one of its many beaches.

Whether you’re looking to play beach volleyball or just relax by the water, Discovery Park has many things that you can do.


4. Take in the views from Kerry Park

Settle into this small park and take in the stunning skyline of Seattle, with Mt Rainer as the backdrop. It’s the perfect spot to watch sunsets or capture some photos for your album.

Kerry Park is one of the most popular landmarks in Seattle, and it’s easy to see why. Located on Queen Anne Hill, Kerry Park offers stunning views of the Seattle skyline, including the iconic Space Needle. You can take some amazing photos here – especially at sunset. There are walking paths around the park, so you can explore for hours if you want

And don’t forget to check out the Waterfront Trail just south of Kerry Park for even more spectacular scenery. Whether you’re a local or a visitor to Seattle, Kerry Park is definitely worth a visit.

5. Enjoy a craft beer at The Pike Brewing Company
Pike Brewing Company - seattle

Sample some of Seattle’s most delicious brews right at their source by visiting The Pike Brewing Company. With over 20 unique beers on tap, you’ll be sure to find something you like.

The 10th best thing to do in Seattle is to take a tour of the Pike Brewing Company! Located in the heart of downtown Seattle, this brewery has been producing delicious craft beers since 1989. The 10-barrel brewhouse offers guided tours, beer tastings, and events year-round.

On the tour, you’ll discover how each of their classic recipes is crafted by hand and learn about their commitment to sustainability. Afterward, head up to the pub where you can enjoy seasonal selections alongside a variety of sandwiches, salads, and sharable plates.

6. Find treasures at Fremont Sunday Market
Fremont Sunday Market - seattle travel

From clothes to books, jewelry, and artwork, the Fremont Sunday Market is the perfect spot for those looking to find that special something. Don’t miss out on trying an array of international treats from nearby food stalls too.

Fremont Sunday Market is one of the 10 best things to do in Seattle. It’s an outdoor market with more than 300 stalls that line the streets of Fremont from 10 AM to 4 PM every Sunday.

The market offers a variety of items, including locally-made crafts, clothing, jewelry, art and more. You’re sure to find something unique and special here! In addition to all the amazing shopping options, there are also numerous food trucks offering delicious street eats like tacos and crepes.

There’s even live music playing throughout the day so you can enjoy some tunes while you shop and explore. Whether you’re looking for a fun weekend activity or just want some unique souvenirs from your trip to Seattle, Fremont Sunday Market is a great choice.

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to stop by the famous Fremont Troll, a giant sculpture of a troll hidden under the north end of the Aurora Bridge! It’s an iconic piece of art that has become a popular tourist attraction and is worth checking out when you’re in the area.


7. Check out Seattle Underground

Take a tour through old Seattle and explore the dark alleys and underground streets which were once used as roads before the city rebuilt itself after the Great Fire of 1889.

The Seattle Underground is an intriguing spot that showcases the city’s history. It is a network of passageways and basements located below street level in Pioneer Square, which was once the city’s commercial hub. The area was buried after a great fire destroyed much of the city in 1889, and it wasn’t until 1965 when Bill Speidel guided tours through the Underground that its secrets were revealed.

On this exciting tour, you will be led around iconic sights such as Old City Hall, saloons, brothels, and more.

You can learn about Seattle’s fascinating past while exploring this historical site. Be sure to add this experience to your 10 best things to do list for Seattle – you won’t regret it.

8. Go Whale Watching
Whale Watching - seattle travel guide

Hop onto one of many boats departing from Seattle’s waterfront and keep an eye out for orcas, bald eagles, dolphins, seals, and sea lions.

Whale watching in Seattle is a wonderful experience. While you’re out on the water, keep your eyes peeled for killer whales, humpback whales, grey whales, minke whales and more. You can also spot bald eagles, seals, and sea lions.

There are many charter companies offering whale-watching tours departing from the waterfront or nearby islands. Most of these charters come with experienced naturalists who will teach you about the wildlife that inhabits Puget Sound and beyond.

Some packages even include lunch to make it an even more special experience! So take a chance and go whale watching – it’s one of the 10 best things to do in Seattle.

9. Visit Chihuly Garden & Glass

Chihuly Garden & Glass - seattle travel guide

This museum showcases artworks by renowned glass sculptor Dale Chihuly and includes an outdoor garden of colorful art pieces and a glasshouse full of suspended sculptures.


10. Take a Ferry Ride
Ferry Ride - Seattle Travel Guide

Nothing quite beats the feeling of taking in breathtaking views from the deck of one of Seattle’s ferries. From Bainbridge Island to Bremerton, choose any destination for an unforgettable experience!

So go ahead and make the most out of your stay in Seattle with this 10 best things to do list! Enjoy exploring all that this city has to offer.

Thoughts and Conclusion

There you have it, 10 of the best things to do in Seattle. From exploring the natural beauty of Puget Sound and Mount Rainier to experiencing a diverse range of cultural attractions, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Seattle.

So why not come and experience all that this vibrant city has to offer, you won’t be disappointed.

10 Best Things To Do in Seattle - Travel Guide
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