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Things to Do in Mindanao

Mindanao is the second largest island in the Philippines and is home to many things to do.

From exploring its many natural attractions to enjoying its vibrant city life, there is something for everyone in Mindanao. Here are some of the best things to do in Mindanao.

If you’re looking for things to do in Mindanao, look no further. Mindanao is a beautiful and diverse island in the southern Philippines with plenty to offer visitors.

From stunning beaches and dramatic waterfalls to active volcanoes and traditional villages, there’s something for everyone in Mindanao.

Some of the best things to do in Mindanao include:


1. Visit Beautiful Beaches

Beaches in Mindanao - Philippines

Soak up the sun at one of Mindanao’s many beautiful beaches. Popular spots include Davao City’s white sand beaches, Magpupungko Beach, Guyam Island, Siargao Island’s world-famous surf breaks, and the secluded coves of Tawi-Tawi.

Mindanao is the biggest island of all in the Philippines, you’ll be sure to find plenty of beaches on the island.


2. Travel to Davao

Davao City- Philippines

Davao is the biggest city in Mindanao and is known for its diverse range of things to do. Davao has something for everyone, from hiking and exploring nature to visiting historical sites and indulging in local cuisine.

For those who love the outdoors, there are plenty of hiking and trekking trails to explore and waterfalls and rivers to cool off in. For history buffs, there are several interesting museums such as the Museo Dabawenyo, or the Davao Museum of History and Ethnography.

And there are more sites to visit, including the Philippine-Japanese Friendship Tower and Fort Bonifacio.

Of course, no trip to Davao would be complete without trying some of the delicious local food on offer.

Davao is massing up in development and is currently expanding its city, so be sure to list Davao on your bucket list when venturing out into Mindanao.


3. Mount Apo in Davao

Mount Apo - Mindanao Philippines

Mount Apo is the highest mountain in the Philippines, reaching a height of 2,954 meters (9,692 ft).

It is located in Mindanao, in the southern part of the country.

There are many things to do in and around Mount Apo, such as hiking, camping, bird watching, and enjoying the amazing views.

One of the best things to do on Mount Apo is to hike to the summit. This challenging hike takes around two days to complete, but it is worth it for the stunning views from the top.

There are several campsites along the way where you can set up your tent and rest for the night.

Bird watching is another popular activity on Mount Apo. The mountain is home to many species of birds, including the Philippine eagle, the country’s national bird.

You might even spot one of these rare and magnificent birds during your stay if you’re lucky.

Finally, enjoying the views from Mount Apo is an experience not to be missed.

Whether you hike to the summit or just enjoy the views from a distance, the natural beauty of this place will take your breath away.


4. Explore Mindanao’s Natural Wonders

Natural Wonders - Mindanao Philippines

Explore Mindanao’s natural wonders, including the majestic Mount Apo, the highest point in the Philippines; the UNESCO World Heritage site of Mount Hamiguitan.

Mindanao is home to some of the most stunning natural wonders in the Philippines.

For example, the Mt. Apo National Park is a veritable paradise for hikers and nature lovers, with its soaring peaks and pristine forests. 

Other great things to do in Mindanao include exploring the centuries-old Spanish colonial city of Zamboanga, going on an adventure in Davao City (the country’s largest city), or simply relaxing on one of the many beautiful beaches that dot the coastline.


5. Ozamis City

Ozamiz City - Mindanao Philippines

Ozamis City is a bustling city located in the southern Philippines.

It is known for its beautiful beaches, friendly people, and delicious food.

There are plenty of things to do in Ozamis City, you’ll have a lot of fun being immersed in the beautiful city.


6. Hinatuan Enchanted River

Hinatuan Enchanted River - mindanao philippines

Hinatuan Enchanted River is a natural freshwater river in Mindanao, Philippines, Surigao del Sur.

It is considered one of the country’s most beautiful rivers. The river is approximately 80 meters deep and flows through a limestone cave.

The water is crystal clear and has a blue-green hue caused by the sunlight reflecting off the limestone.

Visitors can swim in the river or go kayaking. There are also numerous hiking trails in the area.


7. Tubbataha Reef

Tubbataha Reef - mindanao philippines travel

Tubbataha Reef is a coral reef system located in Mindanao, Philippines. It comprises two atolls: the North Atoll and the South Atoll.

The reef is home to a wide variety of marine life, including over 600 species of coral and over 1,000 species of fish. Visitors can go snorkeling or diving on the reef to see the colorful corals and fish.

There are also boat tours available that take visitors on a tour of the reef.


8. Island Garden City of Samal

Island Garden City of Samal - mindanao philippines

The Island Garden City of Samal is one of Mindanao’s best places to visit. It is a beautiful island with white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and lush vegetation.

There are many things to do in Island Garden City of Samal, such as swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, diving, and kayaking. You can also go on a nature hike or take a boat tour around the island.


9. Lake Sebu

Lake Sebu - mindanao philippines

Lake Sebu is a freshwater lake located in Mindanao, Philippines. It is one of the largest lakes in the country and is a popular tourist destination. The lake is surrounded by mountains and is home to several waterfalls.

Visitors can go swimming in the lake or hiking in the nearby mountains. There are also many hotels and resorts in the area for visitors.


10. Immerse into the Culture

Culture - mindanao philippines

Discover Mindanao’s rich cultural heritage, from the Muslim-influenced architecture of Cotabato City to the Spanish colonial buildings of Zamboanga City.

There are also numerous indigenous tribes throughout Mindanao, each with unique traditions and customs.


11. Bukidnon

Bukidnon - mindanao philippines travel

Bukidnon is one of the provinces in Mindanao that offer a lot of things to do. If you are adventurous, you will surely enjoy hiking and trekking in Bukidnon. There are also a lot of waterfalls that you can explore in the province.


12. Try Mindanaoan Cuisine

cuisine mindanao philippines

Sample traditional Mindanaoan cuisine, heavily influenced by Muslim and Malay flavors. Popular dishes include sinigang (a sour soup), lechon manok (grilled chicken), and kare-kare (oxtail stew).


13. Go to an Adventure

adventure mindanao philippines

Go on an adventure and try some of Mindanao’s adrenaline-pumping activities, such as whitewater rafting in Davao City or cliff diving on Siargao Island.


Thoughts and Conclusion

There’s no doubt about it, Mindanao is a beautiful place with plenty to see and do.

Whether you’re interested in exploring the stunning scenery, getting up close and personal with some of the local wildlife, or simply soaking up the sun on one of the many beaches, there’s something for everyone.

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Best Things to Do in Mindanao - Philippine Tourist Guide
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Best Things to Do in Mindanao - Philippine Tourist Guide
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