How to Travel in Japan on a Budget? Travel Tips

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Japan is one of the most popular travel destinations globally, known for its stunning natural landscapes, vibrant cities, and rich cultural heritage.

However, traveling in Japan can be quite expensive, especially for budget-conscious travelers looking to stick to a strict budget during their trip.

Fortunately, many tips and tricks can help you travel to Japan on a budget.

Some strategies include planning your trip well in advance, taking advantage of free attractions and activities, finding affordable accommodation options, using public transportation whenever possible, and engaging in activities like cooking and hiking that don’t require paying for expensive entertainment or admission fees.

If you want to learn more about how to travel in Japan on a budget, read on for some helpful tips and advice.

1. Planning Your Trip in Advance

One of the best ways to save money when traveling to Japan is to plan your trip well in advance.

You can often find significantly cheaper rates by booking your flights, accommodation, and transportation several months in advance than if you wait until closer to your travel dates.

In addition to saving money on your overall travel costs, planning also allows you to better research and compare different options to find the best deals on everything from hotels to activities.

It also gives you more time to look for discount codes and coupons that can be used for various aspects of your trip.

Choosing an Affordable Airline

The first thing you need to do to travel around Japan on a budget is to find affordable airlines that will take you where you want to go.

Several low-cost carriers offer flights within Japan, including Peach Aviation, Vanilla Air, and Jetstar Japan.

Peach Air

If you’re looking for a great way to travel to Japan on a budget, then Peach Air is worth considering. This airline offers low-cost flights to various destinations in Japan, making it a great option for those who want to save money on their trip.

Plus, Peach Air also offers a variety of other benefits, such as free checked baggage and complimentary meals, so you can be sure that you’ll be comfortable and well-fed during your journey.

Vanilla Air

Vanilla Air is an airline based in Japan that offers competitive fares and various services to make your journey enjoyable.

Vanilla Air offers a variety of flight options to suit your needs, whether you’re looking for a quick getaway or a longer vacation.

Their fares are very competitive, and they offer a variety of deals and discounts throughout the year.

They also have a loyalty program called “Vanilla Plus” that gives you even more savings on your flights, priority boarding, and other perks.

In addition to their affordable fares, Vanilla Air also has many other services that make traveling a breeze.

Their website is easy to use and provides all the information you need about your upcoming flight, including seat availability and meal options.

They also have an app that you can download to your phone or tablet, making checking in and tracking your flight even easier.

Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to travel to Japan or simply want an enjoyable and hassle-free journey, Vanilla Air is a great option.


If you’re looking for a way to travel in Japan on a budget, look no further than Jetstar – one of the leading low-cost airlines in Asia.

With affordable fares and convenient flight routes from major cities like Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka, Jetstar makes it easy to explore all Japan offers without breaking the bank.

2. Taking Advantage of Free Attractions and Activities

There are many free attractions and activities available throughout Japan, from exploring the beautiful natural landscapes to visiting local museums and art galleries.

Some other popular free activities include sightseeing, hiking, enjoying public parks and gardens, and attending cultural festivals, events, or performances.

By taking advantage of these free activities, you can save significant money during your trip while still getting to experience all that Japan has to offer.

Of course, don’t forget to budget for any transportation costs associated with exploring these attractions, such as bus fares or taxi rides.

3. Finding Affordable Accommodation Options

As with most travel destinations around the world, accommodation is one of the biggest expenses when traveling in Japan.

While there are many luxury hotels available throughout the country, they often come with a hefty price tag that can quickly add up, especially if you’re staying for more than a few nights.

Fortunately, there are also many affordable accommodation options available in Japan, from capsule hotels and hostels to guesthouses and homestays.

By doing some research and comparison shopping, you can often find very reasonable rates for places to stay that won’t break your budget.

4. Stay in Hostels or Guesthouses

Another cost-effective way to travel in Japan is to stay at hostels or guesthouses instead of more expensive hotels.

These accommodations typically feature shared bathrooms and other common spaces, which helps keep costs down.

In addition, many hostels offer free breakfast or discounted dinner options so you can save even further on your daily expenses.

Additionally, many of these properties offer free Wi-Fi, so you can stay connected during your travels and look up information on local attractions or restaurants.

Some of the most popular options for budget lodging in Japan include hostels like K’s House Kyoto and Sakura Hostel Tokyo.

Both properties are centrally located near major tourist destinations and public transportation hubs, making it easy to explore different parts of the country.

Other popular budget accommodations in Japan include guesthouses like Guesthouse J-Hoppers and Backpackers Hostel K’s House Osaka.

5. Capsule Hotels

The growing popularity of capsule hotels in Japan and some of the benefits these accommodations offer for budget-conscious travelers.

Capsule hotels, also known as capsule hotels or coffin hotels, are a type of lodging that has gained increasing popularity in Japan in recent years.

These small, compact rooms provide many budget-friendly benefits to travelers looking to explore Japan on a budget.

One of the major advantages of capsule hotels is their low cost. Compared to other accommodations like traditional Japanese inns (ryokan) or western-style hotels, capsules tend to be much more affordable.

This makes them a great option for backpackers and other travelers who are trying to stick to a strict budget while traveling in Japan.

Another benefit of capsule hotels is that they offer a unique experience. Unlike most other types of lodging, staying in a capsule hotel can be quite an adventure in and of itself. This is especially true for first-time visitors to Japan who are looking to get a taste of the country’s culture and way of life.

Finally, capsule hotels tend to be located conveniently, often near busy train stations or in major city centers.

This makes them ideal for travelers who want to be able to explore a new city without having to worry about finding a place to stay that is too far away from all the action.

View of Japan's train

6. Using Public Transportation Whenever Possible

Japan has an excellent public transportation system that can be used to get around the country relatively cheaply.

While trains and buses are typically the most expensive transportation options, they’re still significantly cheaper than taking taxis or renting cars everywhere you go.

In addition to being affordable, public transportation in Japan is also very convenient and efficient, making it easy to get around even if you don’t speak or read Japanese.

The Japan Rail Pass is a great option for travelers who plan to do a lot of train travel, as it offers unlimited rides on most JR trains nationwide.

Many cities in Japan have subways, buses, and trams that can help you get around quickly and inexpensively. Additionally, many rail passes (you can also use suica cards) are available that offer significant discounts on fares for long-distance train trips.

If you only need to travel within one specific region, then regional passes are also available and can be cheaper than the JR pass. For those making just a few trips, single tickets can be purchased at train stations.

If you’re planning on using public transportation during your trip, be sure to budget for the cost of fares in advance so that you don’t end up spending more than you’d like.

6. Enjoying Budget-Friendly Activities

Many activities and experiences can be enjoyed without spending a lot of money.

For example, hiking and camping are great ways to enjoy the outdoors without paying expensive admission fees or equipment rentals.

Similarly, cooking your own meals is a great way to save on food costs, and it also allows you to try out some delicious local recipes.

Of course, there are also plenty of free or cheap activities that can be enjoyed in every city and town throughout Japan.

Whether you’re looking to explore local museums, try some street food, or simply enjoy the beautiful natural landscapes, there are plenty of budget-friendly activities that you can enjoy during your trip.

With careful planning and a little bit of creativity, it is possible to travel affordably in Japan.

Below are a few top hiking areas in Japan.

Mt Fuji View

Top Hiking Areas

Japan is a popular travel destination, renowned for its stunning natural landscapes and out-of-this-world cityscapes.

Whether you’re an avid outdoors enthusiast or simply looking for a breath of fresh air during your trip, there are endless opportunities for hiking in Japan.

One of the most popular hiking destinations in Japan is Mount Fuji. Standing at 3,776 meters tall, Mount Fuji is the tallest mountain in Japan and is considered a sacred symbol of the country.

A popular saying goes that “he who climbed Mount Fuji once is a wise man, but he who climbed it twice is a fool.”

Despite its reputation as a difficult hike, Mount Fuji is actually fairly easy to climb and can be completed in a day.

There are four main trails that lead to the summit, and each one is well-marked and easy to follow. The most popular trail is the Yoshida Trail, which starts at the Fifth Station on the mountain’s northern slope.

If you’re looking for a less crowded hiking experience, there are plenty of other less-visited mountain trails throughout Japan.

Some of the most popular include Mount Takao, Mount Mitake, and Mount Hiei. Each one offers stunning views, historical temples, or both.

Whether you want to hike in the city or escape into nature for a day, there are countless hiking spots in Japan.

7. Buying food in Family Mart Instead of a Restaurant 

One of the best tips for traveling in Japan on a budget is to buy food at Family Mart instead of eating in a sit-down restaurant.

Family Mart is a popular convenience store chain that is found throughout Japan, and it offers a wide range of affordable foods, snacks, and drinks that are perfect for travelers on the go.

Whether you just need to grab a quick snack or want to stock up on ingredients for a simple meal, Family Mart has everything you need to keep your stomach full and your wallet happy.

Family Mart’s best food items include bento boxes, onigiri rice balls, instant ramen noodles, and pre-packaged salads.

Many Family Mart locations also offer hot foods like fried chicken or sushi, perfect for a quick lunch or dinner.

And if you need a caffeine fix, you can always find affordable coffee and tea at Family Mart.

Thoughts and Conclusion

By taking advantage of the many free attractions available, finding affordable accommodation options, and using public transportation whenever possible, you can experience all that this amazing Japan has to offer without breaking the bank.

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